K&N spray oil OK for stock air filter?

Bent over at the dealer and spent $11 for Belray air filter oil :ride:

Once home, I thought about the K&N air filter oil that i have for my cars.

Whats best?

Use the Bel-Ray. The K&N oil is too thin and doesn't have the stickieness that the Bel-Ray does.


Do not use the K&N oil on your foam filter unless you want to buy a new Motor.

why not? i was thinking of the same thing, as i have some k&n cleaner and oil left over from my truck i use to have one.

K&N oil does not have the tackiness and viscosity that a foam filter needs. It will just run right off of it. Don't use it.

Thanks for setting the facts straight guys! I'd like my motor to last for a really long time...

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