real world race milage!

Allright here goes: 06 YZ450 back to stock jetting, GYTR flywheel weight and GYTR stainless head pipe, gearing from 48-51 depending on course. i race A-sportsman in MHSC and A-4stroke in nationals/GNCC, 6'3", 235# stand-up rider who sees the rev-limiter from time to time. last 3 races Seymour GNCC aprox 50-60 miles (course milage varied by way of who you talked to!) of muddy slop. Kahoka Mo National scramble 50 miles of fast woods and moto, Seymour MHSC 50 miles of rough rocky hills. All three races used LESS than 2 GALLONS of fuel in fact I could have made all the races with the STOCK TANK! Sunday I ran practice (10 miles) and the entire race (50miles) on less than 2 gallons! I was sweating that one a little when we had to go 5 laps but I drained the tank last night (IMS 3.1) and she still had about half a quart more than a gallon! Pretty impressive milage, 30 mpg at race pace. I'm pretty stoked ecspecially considering the jetting will get leaner yet with summer coming i may switch to my stock tank at a few of the races just to slim things up a bit and lighten the load. Just wanted to drop aline with the info in case there is somebody out there skipping races cuz they are worried about there fuel supply.

I have been measuring mine out after each race and only get 22-24 MPG depending on the course. 30 MPG is alot!!!

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