Check out our Baja website...

I put together a little website dedicated to our 2006 Baja 500 race effort. We're doing it on (what else?) an XR650. It's got some photos and a blog detailing the different stages of our preparation. If you're interested how it's going for a bunch of Baja newbies trying to put a race together, check it out :ride:

Interesting site and nicely designed

just one question how come you havnt drilled/opened your BRP's airbox?

Good Luck with the race

James :ride:

Honestly it's because we haven't gotten to it. There's been so much stinkin' work to do on that bike. One of my fears is that we'll get down there and realize "Uh,oh!" we forgot to do something silly. We were always intending to do that side-panel mod, but ran out of time.

Is it really a big difference to drill the side cover? I need to get on that :ride:

Very nice site...

Ensenada is about 50 miles south of says 200.

Its good that you pointed out the money issue...I dont think people realize the cost although I think yours is a bit liberal but like they always say, its only money.

Dont overlook the peg and site tube...shameless plug.

awesome... i love reading about the baja. for me it will probably always remain as a legendary race cause i live in mass. hopefully sometime when i am in my thirties i will have my life in order enough to take alot of time off and maybe give it a honest go.

Rock on! Proverbs 21:31

Thanks for sharing the site. Please keep us posted.

WHo did the suspension? $400 Did you do it yourself? What did you do to it? I love your site and God Bless.

Hey, this site is great! I've always thought that the Baja would always be out of my league. With your website, I can at least figure out what I'll be up against if I decide to do it. Thanks for all of your effort. I'll be spending a lot of time on your site.

Thanks for the comments!

I'll fix that mileage error :ride:

We had a local suspension guy do our setup. He's a guru around here- used to work for a factory team. Does a lot of Baja suspension. He gave us a swingin' deal on the work. Perry Paton is his name. Great guy- very knowlegable.

It sure changed the feel of the bike. Dang. A LOT stiffer. Bye bye to the cushy couch ride, but at least now we can ride it HARD and not worry about getting bucked.

It's really hard to do if you don't live anywhere NEAR Baja as well. You talk about coordination issues - imagine living on the other side of North America and trying to get there to train - almost impossible!

Maybe with enough research, we could develop a Baja type race course across Ontario. We could build our own legend!

For Ontario, though, I think the race would have to be a lot of fireroads, logging roads, and bushtrails. Could be interesting, though.

Very Nice!! Thanks for sharing.

Stop by and say hello at our free pre run pit in Valle T if there this weekend. Nice web site. :ride: Steny :banana:

Where did you guys find Rob Ransforths book? PM me with answer please? Thanks. Steny

I love the pics. Biggest air I've seen for a BRP. Hope the landing was okay. Good luck guys!! Have fun.

Very cool Scott!

(and the bike pictured that reads "not our bike"....that's the bike we raced at the '02 Baja 1000)

Where did you guys find Rob Ransforths book? PM me with answer please? Thanks. Steny

Email him at I think it's about $30 shipped. Interesting read for sure.

Excellent website! Psalm 1:1 - 3 is just for you!

I'll try to update the website from Baja. I know they have lots of internet spots in Ensenada- I hope I can find one where they'll let me hook up my computer.

Gettin' pretty nervous! It's almost here!!

Proverbs 21:31 Heck yes! Perfect reference.

Psalm 1:1-3 It was good to revisit that passage. I gotta sharpie that on the bike somewhere. Awesome stuff.

Thanks guys!

make sure you use a dry break fuel tank set up on your bike , if you use honda pit , good chose on the honda pit , they rule kinda pricey but a lot less stress on your chase crews, we just got done prerunning , let me know if you want any info on the course ,and you guys might want to get a couple satellite phones one for riders and one for crase crew (peace of mind for sure) ,we will be down there on tuesday 5/30/06 pitting for the 253X sportsman team and 307X pro team, we will be running on race frequency 154.49 so look us up when you get down there if you need any thing, email me if you need any other info before you go good luck

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