hi everyone

i have a 99 wr426f with a e series pipe and thats about it. i was looking to do some of the free mods i've heard about, any suggestions?

Oh and btw. If it's a 99 it's a 400 not a 426 :ride:

yeah we had it bored to a 426 though

yes i was wondering that one too.

so you bored the standard barrel?

did you get it (nicosiled or electrosiled) resealed?

any issues?

did you replace rod and piston from 426 and what else did you replace?

not from FBI just doing the same and considering the options available


ps you'll love the yz timing if you havent already done it.

well actually i didn't do it the previous owner did so i'm not really sure on what all the mods were. thanks for the site byggd

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