Old oil amount...

I changed the oil today on the '04. I measured the amount of oil that came out. 1100 cc's. After searching, I found out that I'm supposed to put 1200cc's in without a filter change. Am I correct in assuming that it burned 100cc's of oil since the last change. The oil was changed after about 2.5 hrs. Is this normal? No comments on ASSuming! :ride:

How much did you put in there earlier? If you after searching now know the correct filling amount, check next time how much comes out. It's hard for me to believe it had burned nearly 10 percent of the amount in only 2,5 hours.

Let's start with what year/model are we working with, and was this your first oil change?

It's an '04 450. This is the first oil change that I've done on it. The guy that I bought it from is, was a fanatic. My thought there is, that he knew what he was doing, so I would think that he put in the correct amount of oil....Shall I wait to be nervous, and do this over again at my next oil change? Btw, I put 1200cc's back in.

Then don't worry, I bet you get out the amount you put in when you change oil next time.

Did you drain the oil EVERYWHERE? There is a little oil in some of the exposed oil lines. There is also oil in the oil filter and oil at another bolt on the bottom of the motor towards the left side. Drain the oil from those places and I bet you will find your 100cc's.

On an '04, 1.2 is the total amount contained in the system. It takes 1.1 qts with a filter, and 1.0 without. Adjust the warmed up oil level to the top of the dipstick running range, and track oil usage that way, not based on what you drained or did not drain. Remember to only check the oil level after the engine has been run for a minimum of 3-4 minutes, and within a window of 30 seconds to 5 minutes after it is shut down.

If you need a manual (and you do), download one Here. The '03 is very nearly identical other than the fork and some minor electrical differences.

Thanks for the tips guys...

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