Header pipe tape up job!

Hi Guys, I have read somewhere in a thread (can not find at the moment) that there are some benefits to using exhaust bandage on the header pipes on 4 strokes. I have a WR450f '05 and wondered if anyone had any views on this?

i use it on all my bikes, never did a dyno test, but it looks good and protects it from small dings. also helps on not burning your leg

If your in the UK I wouldn't bother, but I have used heat reflective tape on the bottom on my radiator.

On an 05 450 you wont burn your leg, it's not a berg!!

I have been using 1 inch header wrap on my 400 for years.I wrap the header completely and the pipe where it passes close to the rear M/C reservoir.I also wrap my rad hoses to protect them.

DEI (the wrap manufacture)also make a 1500 deg silicone spray paint that (when baked,or heated) makes the wrap hard and less prone to unwrapping and/or fraying on branches or trail litter...

Trust me.....it still gets hot enough to burn your pants..

G your everywhere :ride:

Oh I don't use the tape.

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