what oil do you use

I just got a 2000 426 and I am going to change the oil here soon. What oil and filter do you guys use and recommend?



you might of started a war with this question but me and all the other yamaha tech's at the shop i work at use motul 3000 series.

oem filter??

Sweet.....another oil thread. :ride:

I use Shell Rotella 15W40.

If you want you can just use a ready filter and they are reusable to a certain extent. As for oil No-Toil is probably the easiest to use

I use Kawichem on my new bike, I figure that if I have any warranty issues they can't bring up the "what oil were you using". LOL

Thanks for the reply.

I tried to search on the site various times throughout the day and kept getting an error that the server was too busy and to try later, thats why I posted the question. I knew that I would be able to search and find the answer, but could not get the search to work.

Sweet.....another oil thread. :ride:

I use Shell Rotella 15W40.

Good oil.... no poblems for me :banana:

Castrol R4 10W-50

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