Front end push

I have a problem with bad front end push,I have the IMS tank/YZ seat.Any suggestions?

Slow the rebound and soften the compression on the forks (start with one click), check your front tire pressure, and maybe try to lean the bike more, while going into the corner.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif">quote:<HR>Originally posted by Rick Wall:

I have a problem with bad front end push,I have the IMS tank/YZ seat.Any suggestions?

Are you running the stock tire (Dunlop 739)? If so, throw it away! :) My WR turns mucho better with a Dunlop 756 up front. :D

I'm running the 756

How does the 756 differ from the 739? I thought the 739 was a good tire?

The biggest improvement I made to the handling of my '99 was the 756 front tire AND raising the fork tubes .5 inch. I wish I would have done these BEFORE buying the IMS YZ set up.

If I can tell the difference between the 756 & 739 it must be junk for the terrain I ride.


The tire doesn't hit the bottom of the fender?


If you haven't done so already, set the sag on the shock. As delivered it is too soft for most people. If you are up around 200 lbs or more, you will find that a 5.8 or 6.0 shock spring works better (5.4 is stock).

When I got my WR426, I kept feeling like I was chasing the front end until I slid the forks up 8mm in the clamps. Based on my weight/riding style, this setup works for me.

I prefer the D755 over the D756 for the mud, woods, and desert riding I do because the side knobs don't break off as quickly in the rocks. I took off the D739 before I rode it and put it on my WR400 and sold it.

Hope this helps.


Other than changing springs, how do you set the sag on forks?

No, it won't hit the fender. Raising the fork tubes around 10mm+- will quicken your steering, but the pushing problems will persist until the suspension is set right, AND you have a good tire. I usd the 756 for a few years (three bikes, 2 KX's, one YZ400), but I am a devoted Michelin s-12 now, and I would never go back. I live in Florida, and it's the perfect tire.

Rich, I was suggesting setting the sag on the shock spring, not the forks.

A 200 lb rider running a stock shock spring, set as delivered by most dealers, will have WAY TOO MUCH sag, causing the bike to push like an old wheelbarrow with a flat tire in corners.

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