weight loss and suspension?

My WR450 is great, most of the time. I have been riding the track alot more lately and looking to drop as much weight as possible with in reason. And by that I mean I am looking to remove as much xtra stuff as possible. I have done all the free mods so the power is pretty good and I am ordering a new pipe. Any other suggestions to make this a better race bike and do better double duty b/w riding at the track and trail riding/racing. Suspension I know is the first course of action. 6-2 215, suggestions on spring rate? Suggestions on the pipe? I'd like to stay relatively inexpensive. Thanks

Do google search on race tech. I am 6'2" 210#. I ordered a 5.6 rear and .48 front. Noticeable improvement. I ordered though dealer and recieved 10% discount over retail web page pricing since I purchased the new bike. Good luck, both springs are easy to replace, you can do it yourself.



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