98 YZ400 info needed!

OK, a couple of things here. Hopefully someone has an answer to one or all of them:

1) On the fork clickers is it compression on top and rebound on bottom or backwards? I had a 06 250f that was this way but I heard in 98 it was rebound on top.

2) My clutch is making a growling noise and grabs suddenly (stalling the bike) when trying to move from a dead stop. It was just in the shop for the clutch by the previous owner (someone I know and trust). Is there any truth to the steel clutch plates having smooth and rough edges that need to be facing the same way? Also does anyone know the torque specs for the pressure plate bolts?

I appreciate any help I can get from the almighty thumper community!

Well, I answered all of my own questions and will post them in case someone else wants to know:

On the 98-99 YZ 400s the compression is on the bottom and the rebound on top. Most new bikes are the opposite setup.

As far as the clutch problem, it turns out the shop put the wrong friction plates in the bike. There is supposed to be 1 different friction plate that goes in last. It turns out all of mine were the same. The newer Yammis have 2 different plates (the 1st and last).

Holy crap! Did I ever just figure everything out! I got rid of that heap and got a KTM!

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