New engine run in method?

Hey all,

Picking up my new 06 450F in a couple of days and want to do everything right from the word go.

My question is about running in the engine, (sorry if its been covered, search did not come up with anything).

I have had my past favourite hobby (datsun 510 SR20DET) engine rebuilt and was advised to use "mineral oil" for the first few hundred kms and load the engine in a specific way as to properly run the rings in.

I was told that using synthetic oil would be "too slippery" and the rings would not bed in properly.

Am i right in thinking that i should run the 450 in on mineral oil for 20 - 30 mins and then drop the oil, use the mineral oil for a tank or so and then switch to the synthetic oil?

What do the thumper experts recommend?

Many thanks


Cheers mate, thanks for the links

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