new 2003 650L owner...need some advice

Hi. I'm the proud new owner of a 2003 650l. I know nothing about these bikes. Are they prone to anything? Anything to look for as I get familar with the bike? My intuition tells me that there is problably nothing to worry about. I've owned a few honda zooters in the past and they were virtually indestructable. Any advice would be appreciated at this point. Thanks, flubber.....oh yeah my new, used bike has 4000 miles on it... :ride: correction, 1500 miles, I was thinking of my other bike...

theyre pretty much bulletproff get some dot knobs and lower gearing if your going offroad.once the bike is warmed up 5 min drive around the block and then check oil.if the bike is not fully warm you will get a false low might burn a little oil especally after hard offroad rides.its a handfull in the tight stuff but rideable

I would highly suggest doing a valve adjustment, since its due. And I wouldnt trust anyone telling me it was done...just be safe and check them. Run a good quality Synthetic oil, and keep the level proper, as well as changing oil ever 1000mi max.

congrats flubber on the new L they are great bikes and like the other guys said they are bullet proof, a few things that i would do with the miles you have are

check the steering head bearings and if they are good grease them

while you are at it check the rear shock and pivot bearings and do the same

i change the oil and filter more often and depending on the amount of dust in the riding area. i change the oil after a couple of rides.

also clean the air filter frequently also depending on the dust i replaced my air filter with a foam uni filter and it semms to work good.

otherwise ride that pig like you stold it :ride: good luck !!!!

I change every 500mi myself, but advise 1,000max

1000 miles max even with the 20w50 amsoil I just put in it?

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