Mirror Perches

What are you DS folks using for attaching mirrors? Is there a clutch perch that I can get that will still take the hot start lever? How about the brake side?

Or do most folks just try to find some room on the bars for a simple bolt-on? :ride:

Sorry guys, shoulda searched first as I found these:

DS Adjustable Mirrors

I found it almost impossible to get the dualstar mirrors to sit far enough out to give any visibility behind you. Perches would be a better way to go.

Really eh? I thought that too initally looking at the Dual Stars. Anyone else out there have them? What are your thoughts?

Do you need to lift your arm, or release the bar to get a good view of the rear?

I found this link recently in a thread. I would do a simple bolt on, but it depends where you're riding.


I have the folding type and DO NOT recommend them. I had trouble with them maintaining position above 50 MPH.

Right, and the only place you really need mirrors is in the streets. Mine folds back if I'm doing 60-80kph.

Which is why I like the idea of the Dual Stars. Install them and forget about them.

I bought acerbis one and moved it over to the hot start perch, drilled a hole in the handlebar mount but the dam thing still don't give me any view behind me, still not far enough out......

I went to a KTM dealer and paid $8.90 for a clutch perch rear clamp that has a hole for the mirror. The 2 mounting holes match up to the stock Yamaha perch. Part # 583.02.044.000

Thanks CAlmride, but the 06 has the hot start lever on the top of the rear clamp. The lever is attached with two philips screws right where the mirror mount is I imagine.

So unless I want to reconfigure the HS lever, I have to come up with something else/

Max, you have a pic of your setup handy? I have a crappy $7 mirror clamped to the right of the clutch clamp. Sure it's legal but otherwise useless.

no pic but i will take one /upload it tomorrow

I mounted my dualstars so they hung down from the bars and tried to look under my armpit. The only way I could see behind was to twist my body toward the opposite side and even then it was hard to see straight back. Mounted on the top of the bar it was impossible to see past my shoulder.

Kind of defeats the purpose of the mirror because you might as well turn your head all the way around and look back at this point.

I have a dual-star mirror on the left, and yes, it's view is not as good as a "flag" type mirror that sticks up above the bars. The only reason that it is there is to comply with the law anyway. It is about the best mirror that I've found to stay out of the way and be unobtrusive when off-road though, and that's where I do most of my riding. Like tires or anything else, it is a trade-off. Since the bike is built for off-road, and is a far cry from being an ideal street bike anyway, I don't worry too much about not having the perfect mirror setup for the road. :ride:

As Promised, here are pics of mine, it allowd me to move the bracket over to the left more a few inches. I drilled a hole in the front part of the mount and used a longer screw on the upper factory bolt hole for the hot start...





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