Oil Cooler Experience?

Is anyone out there using one of these Jagg oil coolers or something similar to it?


Specifically I'm curious as to:

a) how difficult they are to install

:ride: how much they increase the total oil carrying capacity or volume

c) how they affect the bikes overall reliability (leaks, failures, etc.)

and d) the obvious question, do they really work to cool the oil?

Thanks in advance, -Neil

Not at that price :ride:


thats an awesome link

me adding to my list for cooling upgrades

so far ive got fluidyne radiators,kx500 rad cap and boyesen water pump kit

this will be a nice little addition :ride:

Thanks for the link. I have been looking for a oil cooler for a while now . I would like to see where they hook the lines to on a wr450f. Anyone put a oil cooler on a wr yet.

it says some tapping and threading required. hmmm

a friend of mine, well an aquaintance, owns a banshee and he has a little oil cooler in the line that looks like a series of spaced 5cent peices and he says that it goes through two cone shaped holes within it, anyone seen these? much simpler, but still where would it go on a wr?

I have seen them bluebike 1999. But I am trying to up the oil capacity with a cooler and lines even if i can get another 100 to 200mm of oil it will all have to help keep the oil fresher = longer lasting motor?.

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