Cannot start my YZ426f...

Ok, this is probably the millionth post about this....but I have read tips and I can still not get it started. Yesterday I was starting it fine, usually on the second or third kick....but today I can't do anything. I pull the compression, kick about 4/5 times, engage the hot start (do I need to do that?), find TDC, and kick while releasing the compression....? I am taking it slow and being patient, yet my foot is terribly bruised, and my left index finger is rubbed/bruised. Advice? :ride:

It's an '01 by the way. Thanks!

well i can tell you that your already doing it wrong, how you start a 426 is that you push the kick starter down until you find the top dead center, then you come all the way back up and pull in the compression release, go down like two inches then come alll the way back up and kick it as hard as you can. thats how i have done mine and it starts very easy.

Have you blipped the throttle or even rotated it at all??? I would BET dollars to donuts that you have flooded the thing. Not hard to do at all. Ask me how I know!!

Pull the spark plug and let it dry or put in a replacement. Once the new plug is installed keep your hand OFF the throttle. Pull the choke if it is cold. Kick the starter until it hits TDC or gets too difficult to kick. Pull the Decomp lever and let the kickstarter drop about 1-2". Release decomp lever and return kickstarter to top of the stroke. Give the bike a good, solid kick. I bet it will fire up in the first three kicks!

Or better yet, get the 450 exhaust cam installed in your bike and be done with your starting troubles! Best mod money can buy on a 426 :ride:

Ok, thanks guys...I guess I was just getting the wrong instructions.

Oh, and I keep my hand off the throttle when I start I don't think it is flooded.

I just bought an 02 on Saturday and have been having similar problems until yesterday. No matter what I did it wouldn't work well. I NEVER turned the throttle. I hauled it to the Yamaha shop yesterday, and the guy told me to try replacing the plug. I bought 2, came home and put one in. Started up on the 2nd kick, and now the first kick every time. The old plug was definitely fouled. I don't know why the spark plug went bad. Is it typical to need to replace the spark plug often?

use the choke...not hot start. First thing I would do is pull the plug.

There have been times that I am not able to start mine the next day either. Replacing the spark plug would be a good start, because that is what fixes mine. If you have the manual there is about a half page instruction on how to start the beast. Once you get that down it is very easy to start hot or cold.


Actually, it is not real typical to have to replace the plug often. I bought my 02 right off the dealer's floor and had to replace my plug on my second ride! I tried starting the bike for about 2 hours and finally gave up. I didn't have an OHM meter with me at the track and never even thought it would be the plug being I had only ridden a few hours on it. Anyway, I got home and tested the plug and sure enough it was bad. Replaced it, and it fired up on the first kick :ride: I usually replace my plug once a season whether it needs it or not.

Actually, it is not real typical to have to replace the plug often. I usually replace my plug once a season whether it needs it or not.

Now here is the next question. What plug are you replacing it with? I run my YZ426F in more of an enduro/wood situation and have opted for a slightly hotter plug. I believe I am running the CR7E now. How about you guys?

I've been running the NGK Iridium IX (CR8EIX) plugs for the past few years in the woods and the track. I've never had any problems with them.

Ok, I changed the spark plug and it's starting like a charm! It was definetely fouled up... :ride:

Don't know if you have tried this. Unhook the light blue wire from the CDI box. Doing so will give you more spark.

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