Cannot plate a WR450 in Wash State?

My searches are suggesting that a WR450 (05 or whatever) cannot be plated in Washington State. Can this be true?


I live in Washington and was going to try but decided not to after looking into it. From what I understand and according to the local DMV, as soon as a bike is designated "for off-road use only", as the WR is, Washington will not even consider it. The only way around it that I've heard of is bringing in a plated bike from another state and then as long as it is street-legal Washington will give you plates for it. I was thinking of signing my bike over to my friend in Oregon and having him plate it and then sign it back to me so I could get plates in Washington but decided it was too much of a hassle. I also don't know what type of sales tax event it would create since I bought my bike out of state. I've also heard that Oregon is tightening up a bit as well on plating bikes so that may not even be a viable solution anymore. I think I did hear of one person up near Seattle getting plates somehow but I don't know where I heard it or how he did it. Maybe it is an urban legend.


Your title pretty much screws you with the "for offroad use only" tag on it. Your only hope is to transfer it out of state and transfer it back. Check the NW section of the forum. Lots of posts on how to do it, you really just need an OR friend and some scratch to pay for all the transfer fees..

Plate it in Idaho and renew it next year in Washington. I believe that you don't even need an ID adress. States are like that...they will take anyones money.

I plated my '06 wr450 in montana. No one even looked at the bike before they gave me plates. I just told them I did all the mods for it to be street legal. I did get a baja designs kit for it so technically it is now legal. FYI The liscence plat bracket broke in half the second day on the trails(lost plate!) and the light switched quit working the sixth day out!

Thanks all for the information. The Idaho plan sound like it might work. Of course living out in Quilcene, WA I've only seen a sheriff once or twice in the 6 years I've lived there. So getting to those riding spots may have to continue 'unplated'.


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