Article in Motocross Action on Applied triple clamp set for '06 YZ's

I just read an article in the June issue of Motocross Action about the new 27mm offset triple clamps from Applied Racing. They stated that this offset is only good for the YZ250f, and should not be run on any other YZ including the 450. I remember a couple months ago reading an article that stated that people preferred this 27mm offset for both the 250 and 450 four strokes in a blind study. Has anyone had any experience with these triple clamps on their '06 YZ450F. I have a set already on the way, so reading that article made me wonder if the money was well spent.

I think that offset advantage was for 05 and older, not 06...they do look nice and work well on YZ250Fs - buddy of mine has them on his 06 2fiddy.

A friend at the track owns both a 250 and a 450. He also had one set of the 27mm clamps.

We both liked them on the 250. I prefered stock on the 450, he liked the 27mm offset.

I would have liked to try some 23mm offset clamps for the 450. I will try and talk him into buying some. I love friends who like to spend money. This particular gentleman has saved me a lot over the years.

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