Hello, can someone help me with the ais delete kit

:ride: Hi I just recently purchased a 2006 wr450f and am in the process of installining the ais delete kit and have run into a snag. I just removed the float bowl and the instructions said to tap out the the anti-tamper plug and adjust the fuel mixture screw to two turns out. What does this plug look like and is this fuel mixture screw called something different in the manual I can't find it listed.the directions also say to install the supplied pilot jet for the wr 450 but the supplied pilot jet is a diffrent thread and configuration than the one in the carburator. I would appreciate any help,I was able to install a baja dual sport kit, but I am completly lost with this fuel screw and the pilot jet they supplied in the ais delete kit.


Go here, enter the parts catalog and go to the fiche for the 06 WR, go to CARBURETOR and look at #24, pilot screw set, bottom 3rd of pic, center. If you look to the right of 33, in the pic, you'll see the area of the float bowl which contains the plug...the line from the accel pump cover leads right to it.

If you don't have the carb off get a mirror, slide it under the carb bowl. Look towards the front, you'll see a circle in the casting. there will be a pressed in plug, probably with a small hole in it. Use a small spring hook, slide it thru and pop it out.

The screw is in there.

Don't completely remove it. there are verrrrrryyyy small parts that will fall out with it.

If you must, lay a white rag under it to catch them.

Thank you I am now putting the tools away. I had removed the bowl which the plug is in thats why I couldn't find it. I have to say that the bike runs night & day different. It started right up and idles like a dream, and has a hell of alot more punch. I can finally get a plate for it now! Thanks again for the help guys greatly appreciated. :ride:

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