HotCam 2002 426

Besides the HotCam is there any thing else I need to buy for this modification?

I have the tools!


And how the hell do u post a picture in a thread???

You need angled feeler gauges, or just straight ones and bend them yourself. You will need a torque wrench as well. Also you will need to either buy a decomp plug or cut the existing one to keep the hole sealed. Don't but the plastic kind as it doesn't work well. Either get the TT decomp plug or grind the existing one off. I believe that is about it. :ride:

If you don't have a TT account then you will need to open something in photobucket and post pictures there through a link to your file.

And how the hell do u post a picture in a thread???

you don't, you link it...

You will need some new valve shims, but you will have to install the cam and measure the differance before you can figure what sizes to order.

Be sure that you have an inch lb. torque wrench, not a ft. lb. one.

It would be a good idea to get the plug that covers the decomp lever whole. Your dealer will probably know the part number but it is a rubber plug. You will, happily, not need the lever anymore. I pulled the lever out because I didn't want it to shake around and hang an exhaust valve open. TT has posts about this. I also rigged a little piece of metal that bolts into the head and ensures the plug is held tight. Ditching the decomp lever is very nice. The cam comes with a recommendation to start with for new shims. In my case, they were right on first try.

I have a 2002 yz426f and I'm tired of the lever and kicking. How much would it cost to have the hot cam done at a dealer? Can I just put an electric start on it? If so, how much would that cost? I like the bike, it has a good punch of power.

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