XR650R MOTOR mechanic in SanDiego/SoCal???

So.....I don't quite know how I've done it.....but I've now replaced everything but the bottom end of the motor.....and my BRP is still not happy. So far this last year at Soboba cost me a whole new top end(yes, cam/valves/cyllinder/piston), new clutch basket and pack, and half of a trip in Baja!!! I've wrenched on it enough now....and was goin' to take it to PrecisionConcepts....but they're busy 'til after the 500. Anyone know of any reputable shops in SD area that KNOW 650r's? Any help would be appreciated!!:banana:

Thanks in advance,



2001 XR650r plated, shoulda left it on Laguna Del Diablo where it left me! :ride:

Better hurry up Eric, you got a week till Baja!!!

if its not a jeep what is it? FJ40?

Give Allen Fox a call. He and his brother run Allen Fox Engine Works in Alpine. 619.445.1415

He's going thru my engine right now. New top end and HRC cam. I got on to him through Baja buds. I got tired of wrench'n too and PC was swamped. Good luck!

Thanks for the advice guys......Ryan....you're just gonna be upset when I spank ya this weekend on a quad!!! :D .....and yes, it's an FJ40....most people don't get it...ya know...landcruisers make jeep trails!!!! :applause:

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