Fair Price for 03 450F

I've got a 03 in the garage for Sale. Set up for rider weight of about 230lbs with Eibach springs front and rear. Has protaper bars. Has new Michelin M12 front and about 2 rides on M12 rear. New PBI Sprockets front and rear with O-ring chain.

Does anyone have a price recommendation??? I'm in the NW (Oregon)

The bike has always been well maintained and I'm not sure what I should ask for it??

Thanks for any reply :ride:

It will have to be less than this because I still haven't sold mine. Orlando Bike Add

Good Luck.


I paide $3500 cash for mine last march.

I'd pay even less for a one year older bike. Hope that helps. :ride:

I sold my '03 for $3K to a buddy. It had Race Tech suspension and some other goodies. It also had low hours and he knew it. I can't imagine getting more than $3K unless you get lucky and they don't shop around.

agree with ^

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