xr600 problem

My 95 XR600 starts and runs fine when idling but when it gets to approx. 4000rpm (guessing, no tach), it starts to sputter and puff out black smoke. Ive tried two different carbs and several jetting combos and it still does the same so carb is not the problem. Ive tried a different coil as well and it didnt help either. Im thinking it could be the stator, but am not sure and I dont wanna spend more money than I need to. Anyone had any similar problems and what was your solution. Any help is greatly appreciated.



I Am Having The Same Problem. My Bike Is A 95 Xr650l. It Will Start And Idle Fine. When I Give It Full Throttle It Oscillates And Black Smoke Comes Out Of The Exhaust. I Am Going To Check The Timing Marks Next. I Had The Cam Out To Fix The Auto Decompression System. So Maybe I Messed Up The Cam Timing.

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