'83 Honda XL600R

I've had problems with my 600R regarding starting and poor running. Some people suggested an ignition prob may be the cause but what I've also noticed is on the days when its a bag of crap, wont start, stalls when shutting off throttle, she pees petrol from the carb overflows. Could this be tank poo getting under the needle valve causing flooding? It does't happen all the while and yes, there is a fine sediment in the tank. Any suggestions? Thanks. :ride:

Start with the carb. Clean it up real well. The leaking is caused by either a shot needles, or crap from the tank is getting under needle keeping it open.

You may want to run a filter. At least check the tank, and get as much crap out as you can.

After ruling out the carb, move on to ignition issues. My stator went bad, but it looked OK on the ohm meter. I rewound mine and the problems went away. The ingition coil and CDI can go bad too.

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