FMF Q vs. Q2

I put a Q on my 426 a while back. I can't say I'm impressed with the sound reduction, pretty damn loud it is. I repacked it, no improvement but the factory packing wasn't in too bad of shape.

Has anybody replaced a Q with a Q2 and if so, was it any quieter? I notice FMF no longer lists a Q for a 426.

I imagine this subject has been beat to death but I searched "Q vs. Q2" and got no matches....

Not exactly an answer to your question, but I just repacked my Q on my 2000 400 and it blew a 93.1. I used the stringy repacking called Silent Sport. That was much quieter than the Q ever was with stock packing from the start. Don't think it was ever below 95 before.

My Q on my 04' 450 was getting a little close to our 98db race requirement here so I repacked with the FMF Packing made specifically for the Q. I was still testing at about 96db :busted:

I smashed my stock header so I ordered a SS Powerbomb and now I am testing at 94 - 95db :ride: After richer jetting the Bike really rips too :banana:

Sorry not the answer you were looking for but you might want to look into the header........

I have the header as well but thanks for the suggestion :ride:


I have a 05wr450 and initial installed a "Q" last year. Thought it was still a bit loud also. I recently installed the "Q2" and it is quieter. To me it was noticeable under heavy throttle. I also run a FMF Megabomb on this system.

01 WR 426 here, Q2 and a PB header. I blew 93db at the Scotish trials last a couple of weeks ago.


FMF Q2 is "quiet" but even quieter with more performance (marginal) with the powerbomb header - good combination. I also run the PowerNow with this.

Really not much more noise than stock with end removed but better sound and more torque/power for sure :ride:

Update FWIW:

I repacked my Q again but this time with Silent Sport and it made a noticable difference. Still sounds loud but now it's tolerable. That's life at or above 90dB I guess. That Silent Sport is good s**t! :banana::ride:

hows the power increase compared with the stock system without the baffle? I've heard the Q2 doesn't really boost performance

the Q2 will not be as "fast" as a stock open exhaust. i've got an '03 (same exhaust as an '04) and i think the stock can with the gytr insert has a stronger hit than the Q2 i run now. what the Q2 does is smooth out that hit. i think it gives it a little more torque, also. for me, where i ride, that's a good combination. if your looking to do longer third gear wheelies than your buddies, it might disappoint you.

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