Edelbrock/Moriwaki, how to dial it in?

I put a Moriwaki full exhaust on my XR650R. Prior mods include an Edelbrock Quicksilver carb and opened side panel.

I love what the Moriwaki did for the overall performance, especially from mid to top. It seems, however, to have exposed a weak spot in the carb's tuning.

At low, constant throttle openings (like going a constant 35mph in fifth) the bike surges and spits as if running lean. Raising the needle a few clicks helps, but makes the bike so rich at idle it barely runs.

Once the throttle is more than half open it runs like a champ, but that low/mid sputtering is annoying.

Can you guys give me some pointers as to what to try? Running the #19 needle btw.


what is your gearing? the bike may be really loaded up. i know when i am doing 35 i am in fourth and the bike is bogged down pretty good. i can't imagine what it is like in fifth. i am running the 14/48 gearing.

Maybe try the #21 needle (I run a #21). My current settings are #21 needle, full accelerator pump and 16 clicks from full rich. The plug looks great, the bike doesn't load up, instant throttle response and no flat spots.

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