valve adjust???

had a question on this. when lining the t marking up my little rocker arms don't jiggle at all. i thought maybe i was on the wrong stroke so i went around again and they are all still wicked tight and don't wiggle at all. is there a certain stroke i need to be on or does that not matter as long as i have the t marking lined up. thank for the help in advance


and i would like to piggy back another question on this one. i know the two tolerances are .006 and .008 but how close to they have to keep. what is my give and take or does it have to be exactly that.

I just did mine for the first time. It needs to be TDC on compression stroke. Easiest way i found this was if the rockers start to move imediately after TDC then your on the wrong stroke. You should be able to get a down stroke after TDC in before valve train moves. Also perhaps your tight? Dont remember the +/- on the specs, just try and get it perfect. If you have the wrong size feeler gauge and your wondering if you can get away with it then you better go buy the propper size. Cheers

Watch the intake rockers as you turn the engine over. When the intakes close, the piston is coming up on the compression stroke. Be careful that the auto decompressor is not engaged or you will misadjust the right exhaust rocker. To make sure the decompressor is not engaged, you should feel considerable compression resistance when coming up on the compression stroke. If you do not, keep rotating the engine until you do, then line up the "T" mark.

thanks for the info guys. the valves were all in spec. right on what the manual said they should be. i know with my 450's and 250f's they was a little tolerance in there but in the honda book they only gave me one number. either way they were dead on so i closed it up and will check it in ten years.

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