DSP Airbox & DSP TI Axuast For sale

I'll take them both, can send you a check immediately.

Email me: mike.carpenter@wcom.com

Or call: 740/881-9686


:D I had to laugh at mcarp here... especially with all of the addons he already has mentioned in his signature file :)


Almost everything I've bought used and at good prices. I figured I can sell every goody separately when I sell the bike or transfer them all over to a new model and still not loose much $$ in the end. Plus I get a REALLY NICE WR to ride in the interim.

If you rode it, I think you would see what I mean!

mcarp - now you NEED a Ti Shock spring......

no no no what he REALLY needs is ti chain !!

Imagine the weight savings, the increased acceleration from driving a lighter chain, not to mention the OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH factor !! :)


i was scheduled to buy mitch from oz's vortex ignition and DSP airbox. he was due in the states on sept 15th i think but he never made it and now i don't think i shall be getting anything.

so much hot air from some people...

my mate was back from austen last weekend and would have bought it with him. aaaaaaahhhhhh! never mind!

lucky Bastard!



Mitch attended a BBQ at my shop whilst he was visiting. He was in S.F. this summer. Nice enough fellow for an Aussie.

I ran the vortex ignition on the dyno when I was setting up my bike. In the stock form(as it comes from vortex) it offered no performance boost, anywhere. The traction setting killed the torque curve between 8 and 9 thousand rpm.

I am going to do more programming work with it and see what I can get. It is a nice concept. They also had the rev limiter set at 11.5 instead of what my stock ignition was set at 11.

Taffy, I'll try to give you a report on how the airbox performs. No dyno's, just seat of the pants. I'll be testing it with a DSP full exhaust system, a WB tapered header w/ e-series shorty, and the tapered header with stock U.S. YZ pipe all to get a feel for which one I like the best.

My hopes are the DSP is quieter than the e-series and performs just as well. Those WB pipes perform well, but damn it's loud!

My hope also is the airbox will produce slightly more power throughout the range, especially low-end. I've jetted the daylights out of this bike, still need more low-end. Again, I'll let you know what happens.

Curious to see if the 416 or 426 responds favorably to this airbox--anyone know?

Michael, do you have a Ti spring? Didn't even know they made these...just curious

cheers boit and thanks SFO.

what a load of crap's been talked about the vortex ignition. can you trust anyone anymore?

so where does that leave the airbox SFO? any good?

are you aware of my cam timing and have you tried different valve timing settings?

i'm delighted with 109D I and E. i've been told to go 106D but unless someone says "something for nothing", i'm not moving.


Cam timing....

My #'s are obtained by using lobe center angle from .010" lift on the bucket. I did not use the peak lift average like I believe you did. So I am uncertain if my #'s cross over to yours, at least the science should be consistant.

Rich Rohrich suggested 105 intake lobe center angle, and 106 exhaust lobe center angle. These #'s were for maximum torque curve on paper.

After trimming my barrel to establish the deck hieght I had to degree my cams to see what I really had...

I have heard that some people have tried the airbox on a dyno and not seen any changes. I have no definite findings just hearsay.

The vortex could work I believe, the standard settings though aren't worthwhile for my application. I am trying some different curves in an attempt to unleash some of the power out of good fuel.

[ November 01, 2001: Message edited by: SFO ]

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