Changing Spark Plug...'01 YZ426F

Hey guys....

Ok, I was just wondering if I have to take off the seat/fuel tank to get to the plug. I'm new to the bike, so it seems like a bit of a hassle every time I have to change it. Thanks!

Yes you do have to remove the seat and fuel tank to change the plug, it may seem like a pain but on that bike you really shouldn't be going threw plugs. I had a 426 and never HAD to put a plug in it. I would change it about once a year if it needed it or not.

It's not hard at all, Just remove the seat....Unhook the gas tank, You can just move it to the side actually without undoing the tube that goes into the carb......Then yank that sucker out, Little more work than a 2stroke, But figure you'll spend an extra 3minutes, Whats that to sneeze about??

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