99yz400f zip ty carb adjuster

any experiences positive or negative with this product? tired of trying to adjust with a screwdriver , taking the carb apart to install a jd jetting kit and clean the carb and wondered if a good idea to install one.

cant remember but I think a while back I read someone stated theirs fell out while riding.

any replies would be appreciated. :ride:

definitely worth it. several companies make one.



and MOOSE (i think)

if you're gonna have your carb apart, definitely put one of those things on there before reassembling.

Glad to hear this as I just bought one on ebay tonight for $10.....

hope you bought the right one! The 99 takes a different style than the rest of the bikes. If you got the one for the newer bikes, it will fall out.

I definately got the right one. There are two different adjusters, one for the "early" model keihin (98,99) which does not have a large adjuster knob on the bottom, the adjuster looks like it just knurled on the bottom where you turn it.

I found this out after buying a storm adjuster at the local yamaha shop, it said it was only for 426 and 450, I specifically told the guy at the parts desk and he said "no problem"

Called zip ty and they said "big problem" so I ordered the right one and returned the other one to the dealer.

think I'm good now, looking forward to the jd kit, should be awesome. :ride:

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