Basic Mods for 06 CR85

Hiya Peeps

I am strongly looking at buying a Brand New CR85. What are the best mods to do to the bike? What kind of power gains should I expect?

Cheers, Steve

One thing you may want to look into besides the usual pipe, reeds, porting mods is a big bore kit. I'm pretty sure someone makes a 105cc kit. However, you may find as I did that the stock power is totally sufficient. Power is definitely not this bikes weak point. :ride:

Get some reeeds and make sureverything is jetted correctly and everything is on point.

Revalve the suspension.

reeds, port/polish/bore out to 105cc, pipe and silencer would make any 85 fast

Oh, and if you're an adult be sure to get the EXPERT model. Larger wheels and longer swingarm.

Okies... Feeling a bit dumb abt this but I don't know what reeds are. Can someone please explain to me what this is? Does the engine have to come apart for this?

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