Check out my black and green 06 yz450

very cool man

Thanks btw, its not mine, its the Motospode's. He is my cousin, but i posted it for him since i have a fast upload speed.

Hey, check out my 06 yz450.
Thanks btw, its not mine,

I'm not a fan of green, but if you like green that's a nice looking bike! Different for sure... won't be many of those around.

where did you get the plastics?

Hey, that's really good looking. Where did you get those plastics?

The plastics are from acerbis. The graphics on them are custom ones that Decalworks designed and made for him. All of the company's on the graphics are his current sponsors.

Hey liked the bike very unique and different, Good Stuff

Looks like it's having an identity crisis. Where abouts in Minnesota do you live/ride. I live in Elk River and have been trying to find riding areas close by but to no avail.

I never would have thought I would see a green yzf! I'm a fan, looks great. :thumbsup:

It looks like the "The Green Hornet or The Joker's Bike" especially with those funky green definitely has its own identity for a yami........ :ride:

Cool though :thumbsup:

I think it's definitly original....I would probably mistaken it for a Kow on the track though.

Me no like. But if he likes it more power to him.

Yeah we call it a yamasaki!

wow, i think it looks sick!! Definitley different. Real nice!!! :thumbsup:

Still prefer blue though.....

the hubs look like :thumbsup: but the rest looks top notch!!!

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