Theft Prevention

What is the preferred method of securing your bike? I have dual sported R and ride in rural areas with occasional trip to store or down to river to take a swim. Igniation switch, disc lock or cable?

Cable or chain seems kinda heavy but would other methods offer enough protectioin - lots of pickups around here.

I'd hate lose this thing. :ride:

whatever you add, include lojack to get it back %95 of the time.

the only thing that sux is it wont be read in mexico for us so ca dudes

lojack needs a battery to work, though, that sucks.

Disc locks. Dennis Kirk has them in the metric section for $27. They lock over the disc and prevent the wheel from making a full rotation. Its not going to stop someone from throwing it on a trailer, but they wont be able to roll it. Just makes it harder to steal.

Well if it has the stock carb their is two things you can do when you shut it off whack the throttle a few times or lay the bike down on its side wait a few seconds and pick it up. That would tire out the thief trying to kick start it and ride off should do the trick for a few minutes. I know this from experience riding in the woods crashing and trying to get it started afterwords what a bear.

how about just getting a key for it

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