06 WR450 - break in before free mods?

Picked up my 06 WR450 yesterday. Fired it up and got it hot to check all the fluid levels and then let it cool down. Then I took it a couple times around the block and went through all the gears. Then after reading all the cool free mods stuff posted here I got a case of tinkeritis and I pulled the gray wire and yanked the baffle out yesterday afternoon... the dealer had already installed the YZ throttle stop.

My biggest question is do you think I'm jumping the gun by doing some of the free mods before I have a chance to break the bike in this weekend?

Should I re-jet the carb before making any of the free mods? Is there any sequence that the mods should be made in? I've read that the bike comes jetted pretty lean from the factory. Are any of the mod's I've done so far gonna compound this and cause me to fry the engine?? Should I put it back to the stock setup before I break it in?

Good advice would be appreciated.

Rejet before you do anything else. I waited until I got all the goodies before breaking in to make sure I wasn't heating up the combustion chamber too much. Get the JD kit, AIS, and adjustable fuel screw( I like the Storm one they are selling now). Since you are new, use the 10% intial discount to your advantage and get a break. If nothing else, put it back stock before riding any more. Uncorked and slightly modded on stock jetting will frag your motor. Also check to make sure the dealer put a real YZ throttle stop screw in and didn't hack it off too short like they have to some folks.

I like the idea of mototune break in, that's how I did it. Makes sense to me. http://www.mototuneusa.com/break_in_secrets.htm


Thanks for the advice. You just confirmed what I was concerned could happen. I won't have time to pick up jets before heading out early tomorrow moring to Jawbone for the weekend so I'll just put it back to stock for now. I'll pick up the JD kit, AIS, and adjustable fuel screw when I get back. Thanks again.

Thanks for the mototune link... I agree, it makes sense.

No problem, enjoy your ride. :ride:


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