oil in cylinder head

After a recent rebuild on my 05 crf450r the bike started with the first kick. After about 35 seconds it died and would not restart. I noticed that the oil level dropped dramatically. I took the head cover off and the top of the cylinder head was filled with oil. What could cause this? Would the oil be coming in through the valves? If so, is it also possible that the timing is off. I may have not lined up everything exactly and I don't know if one has anything to do with the other. Help! Thanks

Head gasket. The head bolt next to the cam chain tensioner has oil going through it to oil the cam. It you look in the head you will see the oil line leaving the head bolt hole. I have had it leak to the out side. Check the cylinder and the head to see if there is any extra gasket material or any grooving on ether surface. :ride:

Isn't it normal to get some oil on top of the head?

Isn't it normal to get some oil on top of the head?

yes,it has to be there :ride:

I hope there's oil under the valve cover. :ride:

If not you'd have a seized motor.

Hahaha :banana: For some stupid reason I thought you meant in the combustion chamber :busted: Yea I would hope there is oil on the top of the cylinder head. :ride:

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