XR650L Gas Tank??


…a couple of things.

1. Trying to take off the tank on my 2001 XR650L and nothing fits the bolt, metric or sae and I can’t get any adjustable wrench on the thing. Any ideas?

2. Clarke or IMS larger tank? Pros & cons?

3. Can I run the bike without the wings that I took off (heat)? Does anyone have/make straps/brackets to secure the tank without the wings?

Thanks in advance,


??? I didnt have any problems with the tank bolts.

Actually, most everything on mine was looser than my prom date. When I purchased it brand new, I had to go over the whole bike with a torque wrench. All of my tank bolts where standard metric sizes. Who knows what is on yours, but if it is stock, it is a metric size. I have one of those Gator Grip universal socket gizmos that will grab just about any shaped anything, it was like $10 at sears i think. It is a cheap "as seen on tv" little novelty tool, but has helped me out on occasion, maybe something along that line would help you out.

As for the fuel tank, I have a Clarke tank and i like it just fine. Pics are in my garage if you want to see one installed, or most other L pilot's garages, it seems to be the more popular of the 2. I hear varying reports on the IMS but have never owned one so i am not qualified to comment on it. Do a search, it has been discussed at length in multiple threads both here and on other forums.

Running the tank without wings has also been discussed at length. They are there to keep the overly lean jetted stock engine cool. I pulled mine the first day i had it and i really noticed very little difference. Doing the standard mods will reduce the operating temp and really make those wings useless.

Check out the garages for tank braces that people have come up with. There are a few different variations of the idea. Try here: Treadmarks and here: Dual Dog

There is another one where someone made some little braces out of flat metal stock and bent them to fit, dont recall exactly where i saw that one but i believe it is also mentioned in other forums.

Hope those help.

Thanks Happy.

I have one of those universal sockets but it's too wide to get a purchase on the bolt head. I'm going to look around for a smaller one today.

Probably will go with the Clarke 4 gallon.

How do you offset the too lean setup?


I think Happy says it all, but unlike his, mine, 04 L, came new with every bolt over tight, must have say on the boat to long, the tank bolt was no different, standard is 10mm wrench, but if you got yours used then who knows, aside from that universal socket thingys, which I really don't care for, that and crescent wrenches and pliers,try vice grips or you might be able to take a hacksaw blade and cut a slot in the head or what ever is there and use a blade screw driver or if all else fails use a cold chisel, very sharp, and chisel the head off. With the tank off grab whats left with a ezy out or vicegrips. Verify the threads are not messed up, which is probably the case since the head if goofed up, buy a metric tap, clean up the threads and install a new bolt. Hard, yes, impossible, no.

I was pretty much like Happy, took off my wings first day and did not see a difference, I think Honda put them on for the guy that will buy this bike and idle around in city traffic, they wont do much at low speed but any more air flow will help cool this lean machine. I never braced my stock tank, its so small and even with a full tank it wont move much and had no problems. Put a Dyno Jet kit in it and it will run a little cooler.

I run the Clarke, like a lot of guys do, I heard a lot of good about the Clarke and nothing about the IMS, and liked the look better, it works for me. The Clarke will come with little braces for the lower front of the tank, they are simple but effective, you will have to tweak them just a little to make them fit without bind.

When you get your Clarke tank, some of them, mine was, to tight in the tunnel to fit over rubber mounts, some guys send them back but no need, the plastic will contract after being removed from the mold if not cooled correctly, just get a 10 inch piece of 2x4 and cut it diagonally so that you create two 10 inch long triangle wedges, then wedge them into the tunnel, not over tight but with a good preload, and set the tank over a heater vent or by a good heat source of some kind for a couple of hours so the whole tank gets nice and warm, and tap the wedges with a hammer a little tighter every hour or so until you get the tank to spread to the width you need, then let it cool with the wedges in place and you will have a perfect fit.

Good Luck and Good Ridding. :ride:

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