Bike Kickback on Jumps

Recently my bike has been kicking back on the rear on jumps, big or small. I can't remember which way I need to adjust the rebound on my shock. I did try to slow it down and currently am only 8 out from "H"ard.

It was still kicking back.

Do I need to speed up the rebound?


I'm not a suspension expert by any means, but it sounds like something is wrong. Why did it just start kicking back recently?

Hardening the rebound would help kickback.

Maybe your pre-load changed somehow (stiffer)? Or your fluid is breaking down and loosing viscosity? Just a guess, good luck and maybe someone else will pitch in with some better help than this.

The compression setting may also influence the rebound, but if the bike started to do this at once...

It could be another problem, have the gas pressure checked, you might have lost the gas.

Good luck


If it has been awhile since your last fluid change, I'd look there. You may just want a re-valve. The builder will look for any worn parts, set up your valve stack to better suit you, and give you new fluid and fresh N2 charge.

Duh, I guess I should have mentioned that I just recently took the shock and forks in for a fluid replacement. The fluid is new and it was charged. I am currently 12 on comp and 8 on rebound.

I did have him add more fluid in the forks to make it a little stiffer as I prefer a stiffer ride anyway. Would stiffer forks affect the rear shocks rebound somehow?


Mine suspension was just rebuilt as well, Try these settings on your rear shock, they stopped my kick problem cold.


Compression (Top) 5 Out

Rebound (Bottom) 10 Out

Also check the alignment of your rear wheel very closely. If the settings are off just a little the rear wheel will kick out in that direction if you are on the throttle even just a little bit when leaving the fase of a jump.

Good Luck...

Bonzai :)

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