2006 -- Q for those who have Henry bar bend

2006 YZ450 handlebar question: I know the Henry bar is taller. But, does the Henry bar have more or less sweep than the stock Pro Taper ???

Sorry to have to ask this but I can't find the specs for the stocker bar (5xc-90) ANYWHERE ! I've emailed ProTaper, I've searched the Yamaha website, and this site too.

Thanks in advance,


I had the Henry/Reed bend on my '06. It is a bit taller than stock, but it also has a bit more pullback, but not disturbing much. The stock bar is excellent apart from it's too low for me. Not any more, I now use it with the BRP SUBmount.


sic, I would suggest the Windham bend, it's taller than the Henry's and pretty straight (not much pullback). I have them on my 06 and I'm very happy with them.

PS, the stock bend for the 06 is "close to our current Carrmichael bend" according to Pro Taper.

Thanks guys.

Decided the get the GYT riser based on everything here.

I tend to always run my bars in the negative position, and since I'm crowded already in the cockpit I'm afraid that when I rotate a tall bar into -1 position it will crowd me out even more. The flat, low stock bend, with the 10 mm GYT riser and 5 mm forward will probably do it for me since when its in the -1 position this low bar won't "lever over" and crowd me. I really like low bars and all I'm really trying to do is push the bars away from me a bit, and maybe tops, a 10 mm height adjustment. So the GYT seems to be the answer.

I was going to go with the Fastway pegs in lowboy, which should achieve the same thing (and a virtual "tall seat" to boot) but I just don't trust them in lowboy. They have a countersink option (modifying the YZ frame mounts) for getting rid of that protruding bolt issue, but I don't know. It gives me the willies. I just don't trust the engineering.

(( must admit though, I still would feel better if I had a spare set of bars in my truck. the GYT option doesn't leave me with a spare set ))


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