gps recomendations?

i'm looking for a gps and mount for my wr. hopefully one i can run on bikes power. also want to get one w/ color and topo map software. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks chris

I just recieved a Garmin V. from . They have the best mounts available for dirtbike application that I have seen. They also "hardin " the inside so the vibration won't ruin the unit.

I bought a magellan explorist 600 Which i bought from one reason because it has a cell phone like battery which is rechargable. I have been riding with it for several rides now and have not had any power problems never once has it shut down. It has internal memory but you can upgrade and get a sd card that will hold as much memory that is needed. I do not have the topo software yet but that will be in a future purchase. I bought a ram mount from and even going through whoops and jumps at a high rate of speed the unit still stays put the real test is when I crash which should be soon:) anyways I think this unit is very useful and very reasonbly priced. my .02

I like the Garmin 276C the best. The display is larger enough that I can see it while moving, it's a marine unit, so the screen is made to be visible in brihgt sunlight. For a thumper and offroad duty, you want a good vibration mount, otherwise, you'll have problems. Trust me. Even better if you can wire the unit to the bike and eliminate the bouncing battery contacts.

Check out the mounts at no matter what you buy.

I have the Garmin 120 Rhino, the best feature is the two way radio built right into the gps. I really like the fact that I don't have to carry a gps and a two way. Plus its field rated, I've had mine dropped in mud, rained on for 5 hours and no problems.

I had the Garmin GS60CS and love it, I ordered the RAM mount for my handlebars and the hard wire pigtail with cap. Works out just fine....

Whichever one you get, don't spend a lot of money. I also wouldn't look for fancy features if its just for your dirt bike. Afterall, you won't find any downloadable maps for offroad trails anyway.

go to ebay, get something inexpensive. Then go to and order a ram mount.

Personally, I have a b/w garmin etex that I use to simply set waypoints. When I get lost in the desert, I hit one button on the handle bar and it gives me an arrow to point me in the general direction of my truck. Sometimes the arrow doesn't make much sense, but it always, always gets me back to my truck.

I don't use any feature other than that. I paid 150 bucks for the gps and mount. I have a seperate one for the car that has the fancy features.

Iv'e got the garmin 76csx and love it. Ive got it mounted with a Tourtech mount and Enduro Engeneering universal bracket. Go to Cycoactive website.

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