Does any one own a

SUZUKI Bandit 1200??? I know - I know this is not a place for stinking street bikes. My favorite is still the WR but I just added a 2000 suzuki bandit to my stable yesterday. I have searched all of the net and have not come across a good bandit site.

My problem is the way bike is setup from the factory. It is so lean that at lower RPM it is a pian to ride the bike. Just wanted to know if any one here also has a 1200 bandit that I can get some carb tunning tips from.


Hi there...

I don't own a Bandit, but here's a friend of mine. He does restorations of old bikes. As well, he's an expert on old GSXR's which basically have the same motor as your Bandit.


IF you want, tell him that RedNeil sent you his way.


(the red part comes from my road racing leathers)

Hi Rocky,

Give us more info on the Bandit. It should

run like a raped ape in stock form. Has it been sitting long?


The bike is completly stock and the previous owner rode it once a week or so.

1- It takes a long time for it warmup

2- Even after warmup - at idle it runs rough, hesitates and stumbles

3- When riding between 1500 -3000 RPM it hesitates and runs rough.

Above 3000 RPM it runs perfect. I have heared this is due to the lean fuel screw setting and have to shim the needles.

My expertise end with a single carburator bike. Even though it looks easier to remove the carbs on the bandit than the WR!


Hey Rocky,

I would go ahead and pull the carbs and clean them. The bike should run fine with the stock carburation . And while you've got the carbs apart you might want to rejet and add a K&N air filter. Also check the air filter and pull the plugs. Keep the oil level in the middle, some bikes had a tendency to blow oil into the air-box. I would also drain and flush the tank and add a inline fuel filter. You'll probably want to synch the carbs after cleaning or rejetting.

Good Luck



Pulling the carbs isn't that tough. If you can pull the carb on a dirtbike, you'll need

just a bit more patience with pulling a rack of them off the suzook! I would also only clean one carb at a time. It's amazing the little parts that fall out when you turn the

carbs over to clean. Let us know your results.

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Rocky, I have a 2001 Bandit 1200 and love it. Info on it at:

Jerry in Deltona, FL

Hey Rocky, I own a Suzuki SV650, I can give you my jetting setup and you can multiply it by 2... :)

Kevin, that bike is very scary looking. The front tire is the size of my rear tire on the SV. The concept bikes are the hot topic lately. I'm sure you've seen the Honda concept bike in the mags lately. I wonder if they have the stones to mass produce them?

I once did some mild mods to a Bandit, but you no longer needed first gear...Dale Walker "Holeshot" pipe, Dale Walker jet kit with two dual pod air filters, ign. advancer, stiffer clutch spring, and hello power wheelies! It completely transformed the bike, and was very straightforward. We later raised the forks (to prevent wheelies), and put straight bars on it. Any way you cut it, it's a rockin' bike. Of coures, you could always put old GSXR1100 cams and 750 carbs on it :)

Thank you all for your great advice.

I had the fuel screws plugs drilled out and re-set. Also shimmed the needles and installed a K&N filter. The bike runs great now.

Later after getting used to the mass and speed of the bike (jumping off the WR and riding the Bandit is wired) I will take the Dale Walker stage 2 rout with a slip on.

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