Chain Noise YZ426...

Hey, this really isn't a big deal but...Do your guy's chains make a lot of noise when you ride? Like clanking noise. I tightened the slack on the chain, but whenever I twist the throttle hard at first it always clanks around. Is this normal? I don't know if I should tighten it anymore in fear of it breaking or messing up the engine.... :ride:

just set your chain slack so it has 1.6" to 2" of movement in the bottom mid point.

It's normal. Learn to ignore it or it'll drive you crazy...O ring chains make less slap/noise.

same thing i said in another post, maybe it's your chain. if it's the stock chain, throw it away IMMEDIATELY. those things are garbage and you can tighten it up, go ride 20 feet, and it's loose again.

get yourself a high quality o-ring or x-ring chain (but you'll want to replace the sprockets at the same time to avoid prematurely wearing out your new $100 chain). this should help immensely with the chain noise.

I got a regina o-ring chain on mine, still makes noise but my guides are really warn down also. It kinda bothers me cause i think theres something wrong but i try to ignore it as best i can.

You may want to check the inside of your subframe between the rollers, if the chain is on the loose side it may slap the subframe on decel.

Ok, I'll try tightening my chain a little bit more (it's at 2 inches) and see what happens. I will look into investing into a better chain, too. Thanks!

Thanks for the post. Mine does this all the time. It drives me nuts. I always think of my bike as a piece of high technology, but I guess that this is a clank that we have to live with. I have everything adjusted and it still clanks. I guess that I'll just have to wear stronger ear plugs.

Mine does this also...It always makes me thing the trannies going, or something bad is happenin....Bike runs great....New sprockets, chain and rub plate are in order..!!

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