YZ muffler VS Aftermarket one ??

I was thinking of buying a louder and more free flowing exhaust for my wr450, how does the yz one sound and perform? i can get them cheap on ebay (less then 100 bux CAD shipped) compared to like 400 for a fmf one. I also read about their header pipe with an expansion chamber in it similar to a 2stroke, how do they also perform?

Stock Yz pipe sounds awesome very deep and loud.No spark arrestor though but if that is not a concern.You won't be disapointed with a Stock Yz pipe.

Thanks, bought one on ebay for $9.00. Do you think i will need to rejet after swapping mufflers, mine has promoto billet tip and one baffle removed already jetted to specs on sticky.

Hey mountain max how are you finding these on e-bay I have been looking for a while and haven't seen any.



That's a steal !!

there are two more on ebay right now, called yz450 pipe

the yz pipe is a fantastic cheap upgrade for the wr.

Good power and sound...at a fraction of the price of an aftermarket.

Yeah, and if needed i guess it can work with the fmf header pipes too if you wanted to spend 1/2 the money on upgrading.

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