05 450 minor fork deflection ?

I have a 05 450 that has minor deflection when you check it by grabing the lowers as if you were checking your steering bearings. I am posative it is not the steering area. If I grab the forks at the juction of the inners and outers I can feel it move. My 01 250 F does not do this. Not sure if normal w/the 05 or not. If someone out there has a 05 that could give me some feed back that would be great. I have very few hours on this bike due to opening a new business. But I plan on making up for this soon!! Thanks for any input in advance.

this may be what your experiencing...found this in another thread....

the 05 forks have a setup of negative preload on the springs. In english, there is a gap between the spring and the spring seat on the cartridge when the bike's wheels are off the ground. Usually about 5-10mm is the gap. It will not hurt anything, but that is what it is.

Thanks Satch! I also found someone else with a 05 it is the same as mine. It actually felt like the bushing had worn, but this apparently normal. Thanks again.

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