Looking for XR650L Tail Light & Blinker Connectors

Looking for the tail light connector and the rear blinker connectors for the stock wiring harness. Anyone removed their stock rear tail light and blinkers willing to sell me the connectors (with the pins in the connector and preferably 4 - 5 inches of wire still attached)? Also prefer 2000 - 2006 year models but not too picky.

Yes, I know I don't have to have this to make it work. But; I've got another fender/blinker setup that I want to be able to interchange and keep things as sano as possible.

Will pay for parts and shipping (within reason)

4 strokes only has the connector you want for the tail light extension wire kit . The turn sig connectors are bullet connectors you can get them at any autoparts store.


Thanks! :ride: This is the tail light wire I need. The connector on the 2006 XR650L turn signals isn't just a bullet style like you mention; it's a 2 wire plastic molex similar to the rear tail light connector. I may have to settle for using bullet style connectors off of the stock harness; just need to get some high quality ones that seal. Was trying to keep connections to a minimum.

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