Tightening wheel rim locks

How do you guys tighten them, I have heard you should first set the tire pressure correct and then tighten. Some say you need to tighten wheel rim locks with a higher tire pressure than the recommended air pressure, and then set the correct pressure.

I have tried everything, installed my thick tubes with baby powder, installed tires with soap water, used good quality rim locks, I have also Fasst rim lock spacers, I tighten the locks so tight that they almost snap, but still my valve stems get bent, lately the front tire has given me problems. Mayby I shoud stop using the front brake and get a TTR with less power :ride:

Do you have similar problems?

You may want to check the inside of the tire to see if your rim lock is making good contact, you can also add a rear rim lock, there is a additional hole for one. Also, do not use too much soap in your mix it will leave a residue between the tire and rim allowing it to slip, glass cleaner or dry is the best if possible.

I haven't had any problems. I normally lower the tire pressure and then tighten the rim lock. I don't strong arm the rim lock nut, I just snug it down until I can feel it pull into the rubber.

I believe in the residue explanation. I'll try window cleaner - thanks for the tip.

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