Test rode a 05 CRF450x and Im happy I still have my 99 wr400!!!!!

A friend just bought a a new crf450x and I test rode it last weekend.......... I have to give it a fair review and say some things about it I like but all in all, my mildly built 99 wr400 is faster and after having the suspention done, outperforms it in alot of ways. I just had to post it so everyone knows that still the old WR is my choice. To know that a little work to a 1999 bike can make it quicker and handle better than a new stock CRF X feels good!!! :ride:

I held onto my 99' for two years after I bought my 04' WR and many times I felt the 99' was quicker. Both bikes had similar mods except suspension where I changed the spring rate in my 04' and left the 99' stock with proper sag and I actually liked the way the 99' handled better :busted:

The 400 has a shorter stroke perhaps allowing it to rev a little faster :banana: Anyway, the 99' is an awesome bike even by todays standards. However I do appreciate the auto decomp and e-start on the 450 :ride:

I think Honda has a ways to go in fine tuning the CRF-X into a comparable woods bike :smirk:

I totally agree. One of the things I didnt like about the CRFX was the rate that it actully rolled on the power. The WR seems a lot more fluid and steady on the power. My e series exhaust on the WR was even filled with all the disks making it tuned for top end and I still liked the bottom end better than the CRFX. Even though I could upgrade to the auto decomp cam, you cant argue with the elec. start the CRFX offers. Ive learned to ride the WR so that I never stall and thats one reason the elec. start isnt that important to me even though its a great feature to some. All in all, they are both great bikes, Im not knocking the CRFX but if my 99WR400 is hangin with the 05 CRF450X, in my eye, honda's got some work to do before I would ever consider switching over the the red side :ride: !!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone else feel this way or is it just me???

well, having read posts here for a few years now, in my opinion, it would appear that the 99-2000 model is the most 'rugged', in as much as it doesnt seem to need so much fine tuning and requires very little upkeep other that valve checks ( only my middle inlet has been adjusted and that was only slight) and regular oil changes.

I have never had the bowl off my carb for jetting alterations or for any reason, the issues i have had have been spark plug , a new iridium plug over a year ago fixed that.

the weak small end in the conrod issue, i believe i may have made worse through lugging the motor by the way of excessive wheelies, having learnt recently that these prefer to rev than lug.

other than that, the WR is a brilliant peice of marketing, matching a product to the market and one that honda can only try and match.

Totally agree. Add in the fact that I'm in California and have a plate on mine, makes it even better. Ill never sell this thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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