WR Speedometer

$223.17 even from Zanottis!!!! Egad! might be better off spending 70 bucks on a trailtech.

i have a spare with about 400km on it

downgraded to trailtech when i converted super motard


I'm just using a GPS too much hassle when I go from SM to dirt! I picked mine up for about 200 with a mount it's very acurate and has an odometer too. ( magelan explorest 210 ) :ride:

Lovely! Thanks! Does anyone have any problems with the meter? Any feedbacks?

I love my trailtech, with laptimer and everything I need

I can even switch dirt/street (17") and adjust the ratio in a minute

Meaning, Trailtech is much better than the OEM Speedo?

I am changing from the OEM speedo to a Trailtech VAPOR due to changing to a motard setup. Any way to use the OEM speedo sensor cable with the trail techs?

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