Senseless praise

I don't really have a point to this thread but, as I get ready to go ride for the day I was perusing the forums and, of course, had to come to the WR forum. As I anticipate the days adventure I had a very clear and concise thought that pretty much permeated all my thought....I love this bike. :ride: I don't think I could have picked a better bike than the WR450. This thing does ~absolutely~ everything I ask it to and is begging for more. We are going to burn in some woods trails at my riding area today and I plan to find the gnarliest, dirtiest, and steepest crap to ride over for it. 6 months ago I would have sat here with butterflies tempting my tasty breakfast (when I had my YZ426). Now, I sit here with eager anticipation because I know the "Wonder Ride" will take me where I want to go and chuckle along with me as we chew up logs, rocks, mud, hills, and twisties.

I don't think there are many other bikes out there that, for the price, can match what this thing does. I have put a small amount of money into tweaking the bike: Free mods, exhaust, and ergonomically I swapped the bars with some RC Mini's and powerpegz. The ergonomics are perfect for my mostly legs 6'3" frame.

What a great bike - kudos to Yamaha. Anyway, no real point here other than being jacked up about going riding and singing the praises of the "Wonder Ride". Hope everyone has a great ride this weekend - I know I will!!


I enjoy my bike to

What is this guy a Honda lover or what??? just kidding, After riding my pigs for twenty plus years I have come to love my Svelte Gal more then any bike I have owned or riden.


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