Applied 27MM clamps any try on a yz450f 06????

I install them on my YZ250F and they are great. I ordered a set for my YZ450F. The applied triple clamp set 27MM with none rubber mount. Has anybody run these to let me know how good they are. I read in motocross action run them on the 250 but not on the 450 :applause: . I race both bikes switching back and forth different events (VET class got to love it), so I want them to feel the same. Fastway pegs both bikes ect. Any feed back is needed thanks.

Another TT'er said just the other day that he had ridden a '06 250F and '06 450 with those clamps on them both before and after. He and the owner both loved them on the 250, but while the owner liked them on the 450, he liked the stockers better.

Got a set on my bike and they work great, Couldn't be any happier.

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