first bike?

ive never ridden dirt bikes before, only atv's. i was wondering if this is a good first bike for me. i dont plan on racing just trail riding friends and maybe the track sometimes them. i am 5'11'' and 170. any help would be great

crf 250

CRF 50 . yup a fity! if you have to ask, that is what you need


At 43, I had only rode ATV's until about a year ago. Borrowed a friends 125 then his 250 2 stroke. Decided I was hooked (got tired of fixing what I broke on his bikes) and bought a 03 WR250 on my friends recommendation. I have zero intentions of track riding (a man has to know his limitations) and have used it exclusively in the desert. I am EXTREMELY happy with the bike. It is easy to ride and very forgiving. I would buy another one in a heart beat. I am changing the oil regularly, cleaning the air filter regularly, have done some jetting, and plan on checking the valves next week (I hope they are in spec). You won't regret getting one.


yz250f, wr250f, crf250x(watch out for valves though)...

WR250F. Awesome on trails, quiet, reliable, peppy, E-start (if you get an '03 +) and a pretty decent bike on the track despite being a "trail bike".

If you are going to do any track/MX riding at all, I would get the YZ250F. My first bike was a WR250F and it was great until I realized that the track was where I wanted to do most of my riding. I finally got a YZF and it does a better job of "crossing over" than the WR does.

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