first bike?

ive never ridden dirt bikes before, only atv's. i was wondering if this is a good first bike for me. i dont plan on racing just trail riding friends and maybe the track sometimes them. i am 5'11'' and 170. any help would be great

What kind of quads are you used to?

How much $$ can you spend? You looking for new or used?

You are sized about right for a crf230 but there might be better options out there. It will do great for trail riding but it will leave you dissapointed on the jumps and at the track.

kfx400 and kodiak are the quads i got used to

im lookin to spend around 2500$ and probably used

KFX400's are nice machines. I'm gonna be the first to say a CRF230 is going to feel slow to you if you play around on a KFX400.

A CRF250r or crf250x would be a good choice. Or a 125 two stroke. Cheap and effective.

Any of those 3 will be ok on the track also.

Well, a 250R/X is out of your price range.My bro has a Kodiak 450 and when my 230 was stock my bike could pull away from it at a good pace.Also, much faster.A 230 would fit you nicely, but I'd get something bigger.It's a good bike, but I'm sick of the poor suspension and power.A stock 230 is pretty slow when you compare it too a real bike.

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